Outsource your firm’s marketing.

What if your firm had ready access to top marketing professionals—seasoned strategic and creative communication experts experienced in both the ethical and practical sides of law-firm marketing? And what if having such a team at your firm’s disposal cost only a fraction of what you would pay to employ just one full-time marketing director?

Our unique approach to on-demand marketing provides exactly this type of access.

We can be your firm’s on-demand marketing team. We’re led by Henry Dahut, one of the leading law-firm branding strategists, and we’re supported by award-winning creative design consultants. You can have ready access to the same caliber of creative talent that has produced marketing communications programs for firms like Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw and Pittman; Morrison and Foerster, and Stroock, Stroock, and Lavan.

Outsourcing your marketing is the intelligent and cost-effective alternative to an in-house staff. Let’s face it—few firms can afford building their own marketing departments, and still fewer can afford the exorbitant fees charged by Madison Avenue advertising agencies.

By outsourcing marketing, your firm has the freedom to choose the marketing plan and budget that’s right for you—one that’s designed to limit risk, maximize market opportunity, and give your firm the competitive edge it seeks.
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