Outsource your marketing and in source the benefits.

Not only will you have ready access to highly experienced law-firm marketing talent led by an industry leader in law-firm marketing and branding at a fraction of the cost (and minus the headaches) of hiring and subsidizing a full-time marketing department, but you’ll also:

• Tap new markets. Start targeting premium clients—those you actually want to work for—while slowly phasing out unprofitable or problematic clients.

• Focus on your practice. Your expertise should be used to practice law, not developing branding campaigns from demographic profiles. It makes sense to let the marketing experts take care of marketing so you can focus more on your practice.

• Progress at your own speed and stay within your budget. Develop marketing programs that fit within your firm’s budget and timetable.

• Bolster your firm’s confidence. Marketing has the power to get your firm focused again. It is common to see a whole law firm rally around its firm’s marketing goals.
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