Step One: Conducting a Marketing Assessment of Your Firm

No two firms are identical, so we usually begin by examining your firm’s past marketing efforts, areas of expertise, internal practice structures, client resources, and culture. We conduct interviews and research your current market position, and from this information we help you to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Step Two: Drafting Your Firm’s Branding Statement

Branding distinguishes you in the marketplace. If it’s done well, branding powerfully communicates your service values while demonstrating your firm’s unique resources and capabilities. Ideally, branding communicates who you are, how you’re different, and why clients should hire your firm instead of the competition.

We work with your firm’s leadership to develop your firm’s branding statement. Usually this is a tightly focused summary that sets a clear direction for your firm’s marketing choices.

Step Three: Developing, Implementing, and Supervising

Whether developing an advertising campaign, collateral material, or a website, our design consultants will create a compelling identity—one that will give you the competitive edge you need.

We work with you to develop and implement programs that bring in new clients and generate more work from existing ones. We develop easy-to-follow methods to generate referrals, develop new leads, and help you cross-sell additional services. We can also help your lawyers master cutting-edge rainmaking methods and can train your staff on the most advanced client relationship management technologies.
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