We offer big-firm branding without the big-firm price tag.

In the past five years, firms employing more than five hundred lawyers have increased their respective market share by an average of 32 percent. Industry analysts have attributed much of this growth to greatly improved and increased use of firm-wide branding and marketing programs.

As big firms capture more of the premium business and the higher fees that come with it, smaller firms continue to struggle to maintain yesterday’s growth levels.

How can midsize firms obtain the profound benefits of big-firm marketing without having to pay big-firm prices?

On-demand marketing was designed to provide midsize firms with exceptional, cost-effective marketing expertise so that they can compete head-to-head with large firms.

When designing campaigns, we assist with strategy formulation, concept development, design, copywriting, editing, and production. Every member of our team is highly experienced and understands the unique ethical demands of professional service marketing.
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